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custom Large secional sofa in a roomThere are a large number of options to choose from in the market when it comes to deal with the necessity of having a perfect sofa for your living space. The large sectional sofa is the one that has found wide acceptance in recent times owing to the fact that it is diverse, solid and offers wide seating space, which makes it the focal point of the room. Before choosing the right large sectional sofa for the living room, one may ponder on the following questions:

  • What are the specifics of large sectional sofas? 
  • Which factor is responsible for such sofas’ rapid popularity?
  • How do you find if the large sofa is fine enough to fit in your living rooms’ limited space?

Defining Large Sectional Sofas

Usually large sectional sofa are defined by their sizes whose dimensions, which can vary from 80 to 120 inches in depth and 100 to 150 inches in width,. Sometimes they may contain straight or curved pieces, and when needed, the shapes can be customized to perfectly fit in the desired place. If the sofa occupies the majority of the room space, its size should be more functional. In any case, don’t practice spindly or weak growth. To make this sofa fit well, all we need to be careful of is to position it at the right place. According to Carlie Rice of Havenly when you’re looking to increase space in your living room, put your sofa several inches close to the wall instead of being against them.

How Big Sectional Sofas Are Beneficial?

The main feature of the large sectional sofa, as confirmed by its name, is its plenty of seating space. Providing seating space at a time, these sofas are perfect for social gatherings and families. Along with seating space, they also provide a feeling of comfort that adds to the welcoming ambiance in your living area. A right choice of large sectional sofa can make the entire difference as it offers a cozy and comfortable place to unwind after a hectic day.

Assessing Suitability for Condensed Spaces

Big sectional couches can turn out to be the great choice for any living area, but considering its sizes, it can be challenging to fit in compact places. Interestingly, it is challenging but not impossible. A large sectional sofa can be integrated into a small area with the correct arrangement and design. For example, Sreya Dasgupta, a content writer at DesignCafe, suggests that a three-seater L-shaped sectional sofa with a chaise unit can be easily transformed into a comfortable bed and hence can be the right choice for a small space.

Along with the sofa choice, the right size and proportions in relation to the room and its arrangement is equally crucial. Choosing modular or segmented pieces that are smaller in scale and can be rearranged to meet your space needs. Such arrangement allows a healthy balance between comfort and usefulness. Additionally, it is important to choose the right material to enhance a room’s feeling of openness. For instance, lighter upholstery materials and leaner furniture can help to increase the room’s feeling of openness.

Tips to Integrate a Large Sectional Sofa into a Small Space

Space Measurement: According to Homzie’s research, before selecting the right sofa, it is crucial to measure the dimensions of the space you want to add a sofa in.  After considering the dimensions of space, it is equally crucial to consider the dimension of the sofa. It will help prevent the potential issues.

Choose the right configuration: You can choose any sofa, but it is on you to configure how to make the space look more open and accommodating. For such purposes, you can choose a shallow sectional or a banquette wrapping a corner that will maximize seating space.

Selected a sofa with a low profile: Such design can create the illusion of more space and can be an excellent choice for a small living room.

Consider space-saving features: Hidden compartments and built-in storage are excellent space-saving options and can help you keep the clutter away while maintaining the sense of openness. 

Play with Pillows and Throws: Customizing pillows and throws is always a best way to experiment with creativity. Variety of colors, sizes and textures create a cozy atmosphere.

Key features to look for in a large sectional sofa

Functionality is the most important thing in general to the sectional sofa. You therefore look for a sofa that fits your space along with your family’s needs and activities such as lying down, reading or even sleeping. undefined

Customization Options: The variety of options includes not only different sizes but also multiple configurations, all of which enable you to get the right fit. This is achieved by the capability of adding or removing the number of seats, changing the shape of the sofa and even the color and fabric (material). 

Comfort: A comfortable seating option is a must-have because it plays a role in the creation of a cozy and inviting environment. Look for characteristics like lush pillows, solid backrests, and adjustable headrests in order to have your family able to sit and enjoy the seating experience.

Durability: The cost of a sofa makes it one of the important items, and it has to be one that can stand the test of time. Wisely go for durable fabrics, solid frames, and high-grade constructions so that your sofa maintains its good condition even after years of use.

Storage: Storage is heavily valued in any sofa but it is the most enhanced feature on the XL sectionals. Choose the sofa which has in-built storage compartments or shelves, to help you keep your living room clean and free from clutter.

Style: Function may be vitally important, but so is the style aspect of finding the best sofa. When picking the perfect sofa, think of the color, fabric, and design to go along with your interior and personal wishes.  Tori Jones suggests that seating experience can be memorable and to make it so “Choose a stunning, deeply colored upholstery fabric, layer it with a patterned throw, and accessorize with a variety of pillows,”

Maximizing Functionality and Comfort 

According to Philip Travers, when you have a limited space, a largest sectional sofa is the ideal piece of furniture to help you do more with the little you have. The right sectional sofa helps maximize the seating options. Along with the seating options, to enhance functionality and comfort, look for the following options:

Choose the Right Fabric: Select the one that is durable but comfortable as well. You might be inclined to go for fabrics such as velvet, linen or microfiber that are both easy to clean and maintain.

Adjustable Headrests: The adjustable headrests could be the deciding factor. This feature allows the headrest to adjust to the desirable height and angle, with the result that everyone is able to recline comfortably and feel relaxed. 

Built-in Storage: The inbuilt storage will ensure that the living room is organized. As a sofa with storage allows you to put things that you want out of sight in a blink.

Styling and Personalization

Betty Wasserman, New York’s renowned interior designer, highlights the importance of considering your furniture pieces (like the sofa) the timeless design, neutral colors, and elegant wood finishes in mind.

To ensure these timeless feature and customize your largest sectional sofa, consider the following tips

Add Throw Pillows: Pillows are a great way to add color and pattern to your sofa. Opt for pillows that complement the color and fabric of your sofa, and throw in some contrast or experiment with mixed patterns and textures if you feel like it. Cool thing is you always have the option to customize your same pillows with little effort and restyle your space.

Use Rugs and Mats: Rugs and mats can help to create a cozy and well-rounded feel in your living room. Decide on a rug or mat that matches the color and style of your sofa to enhance the overall look. For convenience, look for a rug with a non-slip backing to make sure it does not slip off or move around.

Add Plants: Plants have a unique ability to bring a natural look into your living room. Select hardy plants like succulents or air plants that are resistant against neglect and can be easily maintained indoors.

Final Thoughts

While choosing the best sized sectional sofas for your living space there are so many features to think about. Customization of sizes, styles, colors and many more features make the sofas of Dreamsofa one of a kind that can be very functional to their owners. By considering these key factors and the style ideas, you can customize the living room to suit your personal taste and style, and make your and your family’s seating experience relaxing and enjoyable.

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